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    Hi there

    I’m guessing that you’ve reached this site because you’re looking for an easy diets that really work.  I want to share with you in this quick video some free advice that will help you successfully achieve the weight loss you are looking for

    How do I know?  Well up until a couple of years ago I struggled with my weight until I discovered where I’d been going wrong all those years.  As a result I lost over 22 pounds and I’ve managed to keep the weight off and feel great at the same time.  What’s more I never feel hungry.

    Now if you’re trying to lose weight as I was all those years, and you’ve tried lots of different programs and diets, then you just don’t know where to begin and who to trust.  Maybe you feel as if you’re doing everything right and still not getting the results you want:

    • You’re tired of confusing and contradictory information
    • You’re tired of diets that take over your life
    • You’re sick of eating boring diet food
    • You want an Easy Diet that keeps you motivated

    And I’m guessing that you really don’t want another crash diet

    • Or Another crazy diet scam
    • Or Another sales pitch for weight loss pills or berries
    • Or Another calorie counting program
    • Or Another starvation Diet that leaves you feeling ill and depressed

    I’m guessing that you need real information that you can use right now

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    It’s simple

    Basically there are 3 basic concepts to successful weigh loss and easy diets

    • You need to know the foods that cause accelerated fat burning
    • You need to know the foods that prevent fat burning
    • Then you put the right foods together in a certain way to create a fat burning effect

    Sugar Is Your Enemy!

    Yeah sugar is your enemy – we all know that.  But I’m not talking about candy or sweets – we all know they’re bad for our diets.  No guess what, I’m talking about so-called health foods that actually cause you to gain weight or at least not lose weight.  I’m talking about so-called health foods that turn to sugar when they hit your system. Things like low fat foods, whole meal bread and pasta, orange juice and many more so-called health foods.

    easy diets

    You see the column on the left, that represents your blood sugar level.  Anyone who’s trying to burn stubborn fat needs to regulate their blood sugar.

    I haven’t got time now to go into how the body releases insulin to handle blood sugar, but the important thing is to realise that you need to
    maintain your blood sugar in the fat burning zone and you do this by eating the right foods

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    Now many people associate carbs with sugar, but it’s important to realize that not all carbs are created equal.  Don’t get me wrong, your body needs carbs to function properly but there are certain carbs that will not help.  I’m sure these will surprise you as we often think of them as healthy foods but these will all cause your blood sugar to rise.  Things like whole wheat bread, whole grain pasta, so-called health cereals and whole grain crackers – all of them will put you in that fat storing state.

    So which carbs should you eat to help you burn fat?  If you like your breads then are still a lot of breads you can eat that are made from things like sprouted grain, rice and spelt.  Good grains such as millet and quinoa are delicious and will help you burn fat  Sweet potatoes are a healthy carb and in fact any fruit and vegetable is a healthy choice.  Don’t believe these crazy crash diets that tell you you can’t eat fruit or vegetables.  The truth is that all the nutrients, vitamins and fibers will help you to burn fat faster

    Good Fats Vs Bad Fats

    Here’s another very confused topic.  Did you know that it’s impossible to lose fat without eating fat.  But in this day and age people have been programmed to think that all fat is bad.  In fact fat does not make you fat.  This is a huge misconception and a lie put about by so-called gurus.  The truth is that if you eat the right kinds of fat it will hugely increase you metabolic process.  It’s true.  Eat the right kind of fat and you’ll burn fat.  Eat the wrong kind of fat and you’ll store fat

    Here are the fats you should avoid like the plague because they’re the ones that will cause you to gain fat:

    • Hydrogenated oils
    • Canola oil
    • Margarine
    • And those Substitute butter products

    Are you surprised to see that all those margarine and fake butter products are actually bad for you?  Just look at the ingredients of these products and you’ll see what junk they put in them – this is not real food and your body reacts badly to them

    Let me tell you which foods you must eat to lose fat

    • Delicious real butter
    • Whole eggs
    • Coconut oil
    • Olive oil
    • Avocados
    • Raw nuts

    You probably think I’m crazy and most people think they should be avoiding saturated fats, and will keel over from a heart attack from eating real butter and coconut oil but this is a misconception that most health professionals have got all wrong.  Remember, sugar is your enemy and all these natural, unprocessed fats are not only your friend but what you absolutely need to burn that fat off your body.

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    Processed Foods

    So if sugar is your number one enemy then processed foods are your enemy number 2.  But you need to know that processed foods contain a ton of sugar.  You know what else – they contain many harmful chemicals that make it virtually impossible to burn off fat.  Did know your liver has 2 main functions.  Firstly the breakdown of fats and secondly the filtering of harmful substances.  You need your liver to be working optimally.  If it’s working too hard filtering out harmful substances from processed foods it has no time or energy for the breakdown of fats and that means you’re not going to lose that stubborn fat.  The easiest way to ensure that your liver is functioning properly and breaking down fats is to stop feeding it harmful chemicals from processed foods

    So what are some of those harmful substances?

    • Artificial sweeteners
    • High fructose corn syrup
    • Hydrogenated oils
    • And even Processed soy products

    It’s the foods that contain these chemicals that are overwhelming you liver and you have to stop eating them.  Even if you don’t think you’re eating these chemicals they’re contained in a lot of the foods that we think are good for us.  For example in so-called healthy yoghurt, wheat breads and cereals that they advertise are good for you.  It’s right there on the ingredients list so do yourself a favor and give your liver a chance to get into fat burning mode by reducing or even eliminating processed foods from your diet.  This means eliminating instant and microwave meals, diet and cereal bars and definitely the soya products and say hello to natural foods that do not require heavy processing

    And make sure you concentrate on foods that contain only one product such as delicious steaks, butter, rice, sweet potatoes, eggs, fruit and vegetables and it’s by eating foods like this that I’ve been able to stay super-lean over the past 2 years


    Now, let’s get into a topic that’s not exactly food but it’s uppermost in many peoples minds when they want to lose weight.  This is a subject that drives me mad because what most people don’t realize is it’s not the number of calories that counts, what matters is the quality of the food.  It’s the metabolic enhancing effect that matters and what matters is the quality of the food.  So just by eliminating garbage and processed foods you can do away with counting calories.  Believe it or not, most people are not eating enough calories from the right type of foods and what that means is that you really don’t have to starve yourself and you really don’t have to feel hungry

    So what I love about this easy diets is that I can eat as much as I want of the right foods and I don’t have to starve myself

    In fact starving yourself is doing more harm than good because your body is holding onto the bad fats.  In order to protect itself the body goes into starvation mode and that is where your body thinks it’s going to die and it protects you by holding onto every last ounce of fat and every last calorie.  So starving yourself really does more harm than good

    So just to finish up, I just wanted to summarize some of the points I’ve covered.

    Number 1.  You need to eat the foods that accelerate fat burning
    Number 2.  You need to avoid the foods that prevent fat burning
    Number 3.  You need to combine certain foods that create the fat-burning effect

    If you follow this easy diets you will lose between 3 & 10 pounds per week.  These are the typical results, not the exception and over 30,000 people have successfully followed this diet

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    I hope you have found this article interesting and that you can see that there is another way to losing weight which doesn’t involve starvation, calorie counting or fad diets

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